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Art @ the Bank of Ideas (Occupy London) and how it reveals emergent memes

The Bank of Ideas” (an empty UBS office block) is squatted by Occupy London activists and has been transformed into a free community art and learning center. People come & go, and many seem to leave ‘artistic expressions’ that ~ in its diversity ~ highlight what this movement is about and reveal emergent memes of a subculture of people who want real change.  The pictures speak for themselves.

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Inquiring into the helpfulness of ‘hope’ through sculpture

“Unless we can live with our reality, with what we are doing, we are destined to kill ourselves” Jonathan Snell, Psychotherapist.

Hope – a wonderful concoction of what makes us humans human: The ability to imagine beyond what is real around us in the presence; Finding strengths in adversity; inspiration for working towards creating a new reality. Hope is imagination that can serve us as a driving force for change.

Yet, are the waters of hope are muddied by the very beliefs and fears that hinder the transformation the world is yearning for? People fear pain, death, destruction, ruin and its associated grief, and may escape it through beliefs in a better reality – in the now, future, or even after-life; through hope.

I’ve seen environmental activists make their actions conditional on building a more hopeful future, and become cynical and hopeless in the face of seemingly ever decreasing chances that a better future is ahead.

My hypothesis is that hope as a subject is not helpful, especially in times of decline, and yet, that hope is a beautiful human capacity that can act as a driving force if it does not stop people from meeting the underlying distresses, death, and fears that sit behind hope.

This series of sculptures is an inquiry into meeting the distress and death in our society while employing the driving force of hope and imagination to transform this into something new.

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